I started a blog four years ago, after I was fed up with the disgusting, flat out terrible blogs I continued to come across time and time. All of them claimed to post the hottest content. It genuinely pissed me off enough to open my own. When I started Hockey D, me I intended it to be a personal use blog, just a place I could surf the web and scroll through all the shit I thought was worthy, of only the hottest, best quality I could find…

I never knew I would turn around and receive the huge feedback that I did. Seeing the interest that the public took in my posts inspired me to post more often, share more of the stuff I was getting off to and offer more consistent updates.

In 2014 HockeyD me was lost. It wasn’t actually until after I tried to log in and found myself never regaining access that the popularity of what I’d been posting had really sky rocketed.

Determined to regain my following I started Six Guy aka Army Carson #6, six being my jersey number and Army as I was just finishing up my four years in the United States military

The Six Guy account received even more attention and praise, proving to myself that I couldn’t just stop. I had to keep this going…

Recently Tumblr has made stricter rules regarding pornography, and I have been unable to post a lot of content including awesome fucking videos. I want nothing more than to share them with all of you, so I have decided to move to this platform in hopes of maintaining my reach and success as well sharing content I have been made to keep only to myself for so long.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy and make this content your own! Come back again!
Levi Carson